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The rotating cable is safely enclosed in a safety sleeve.

Variety of cutters:

Root cutters, sand spades and grease cutters provided.

Plenty of cable

27 metres (90 feet) of cable included in the Drain Snake hire rate. Saves you coming back for extras because a shorter length didn’t quite reach.
Ridgid drain snake hire – for an unblocked drain first time.

Hire Rate includes 27m of cable and cutters…

Why hire a drain snake from Better Rentals?

We’ve tried a few different types of drain snakes over the years and have settled on a Ridgid drain cleaner which works well.

One of our staff had an uncooperative sewer connection and he tried a few different types of drain cleaners over the years – and he found these the best so we bought them.

Other types of “automatic” drain snakes are fine if they’re owner operated (ie a plumber) as they take a few times to get work out.

The drain cleaner we hire are simple and effective.

Remember: The cable isn’t self feeding; it just spins. The instructions have everything you need to get a great result.

Drain Snake InstructionsDownload Drain Cleaner Instructions

Instructions for use

Safety –
1. Wear Eye Protection
2. ONLY use the leather glove provided for holding the spinning Cable. DO NOT attempt to use machine with no gloves, or any other type of glove.
3. Electric shock
Only use the Power Lead provided by better Rentals
Do not stand in water or allow the machine to sit in water.
4. To stop the cable spinning – let go of the clutch handle.
5. Black Cable Cover MUST be used to prevent cable not in drain from flicking around dangerously as it rotates.


Drain Snake Hire being used
The Clutch handle makes the cable spin so the tool at the end can do its job.
Set Up:
1. Place machine with handles pointing away from drain opening and roughly 500mm away.

2. Connect black cable cover to rear of machine.
3. Connect a cutter/cleaner to end of a cable.
4. Feed cables (with cutter end first) into the drain opening until the obstruction is reached.
5. Insert the end of the cable into the “front” of the machine (opposite end to handles) and feed excess
through machine. If it extends beyond the end of the black cable cover, remove excess cables.
6. FOR/OFF/REV switch must be in OFF Position before connecting power lead.
7. Position yourself as per diagram:
RIGHT HAND will operate the clutch handle.
LEFT HAND (in metal/leather glove) will push down on cable to give forward pressure.

Using the Drain Cleaner:
8. Pull 250mm or so of cable out of the machine so it forms an “n” shape.
9. With your Left hand in the metal/leather mitt, hold the cable loosely but be ready for a jerk when the clutch lever is pulled down.
10. Turn the FOR/OFF/REV to FOR (forward). The motor will start but cable won’t spin.
NOTE: REV (Reverse) is only to be used if the cable becomes stuck. It’s not required for normal use of and can damage cables as it “untightens” the cable springs
11. Pull clutch down sharply with Right Hand to start cable spinning. (Clutch should be up or down – like your car, riding half way causes damage and can break the machine).
12. Push down on the “n” of cable to give forward pressure to the cable and cutter on the blockage.
13. Release Clutch. Pull 250mm of cable from the machine to form another “n” and repeat until cable moves forward freely and drain is unblocked.

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