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What size Scissor Lift Hire are you looking for?

Why hire from Better Rentals?

Our scissor lift hire range suits most jobs and budgets. From small electric scissor lift hire for use on a concrete slab to a large 4 wheel drive all terrain, diesel scissor lift hire for go anywhere access.

We Love To Help

We recommend the right scissor lift. NOT the most expensive.

Scissor Lift Hire Rates

Right here online – with no added extras. Ever.

Emergency Service?

Problem with a hire machine? Call 24/7 and we’ll help.

On Time Delivery. Guaranteed.

It’s on time. Or the delivery is free.

What do our Scissor Lift Hire rates include?

The Hire Price we quote is what we charge and includes Damage Waiver (reasonable conditions apply), GST and a trailer where appropriate.

We love to help : So we recommend the most appropriate scissor, not the one with the most expensive price.

5.7m Electric scissor lift 
: a trailer is included in the hire rate.

Diesel scissor lift : on time delivery. Guaranteed.

Low hour scissor lift 
: ensures reliability.

24 hour/7 day service
 : We’re dealing with machines and from time to time you may have a problem. Just call the branch you hired and a real live person will help.

For Hire Prices and more details browse our products...

We also haver plenty of mobile scaffold hire as well as Cherry Pickers to help you get up in the air…

Scissor Lift Hire Carrum Downs

In August 2019 we opened our Carrum Downs branch to help more new customers as well as existing customers who may be working in Carrum Downs – or find picking up a scissor lift here – maybe convenient to their jobs in Langwarrin, Frankston or Seaford.

So, give our Carrum Downs team a call. We’re sure you’ll be happy you did.

Scissor lift hire rates?

Our scissor lift hire rates are fair for both you and us.
Same Day Hire Rate – this is the hire cost when you collect and return on the same day (7.00am – 5.00pm) – or over night (4.30pm – 7.30 am next day).
24 Hour rate – the rate for 24 hours.
Weekend Rate – the hire rate where the scissor lift is collected on Saturday morning and returned by 7.30 am Monday.

Electric Scissor lift hire

We’ve a few sizes of electric scissor lift that help our local plumbers, sign writers and builders complete their jobs safely and quickly.
Small electric scissor lifts include a trailer – and the larger electric units are generally too heavy for a normal vehicle but we can deliver for very reasonable rates.

10 metre scissor lift hire?

One of the things we’ve never understood is why most scissor lift hire companies quote the “work height” of the a scissor lift. That is they add 2 metres to the height of an 8 metre scissor and quote it as a 10 metre unit.
10m scissor lift for a week? Well it actually becomes a scissor lift with a platform height of 8m and it’s only for 5 days. And no, we’re not making it up. Apparently you can stand on an 8m platform and reach and effectively work at 10 metres.And don’t get us started on companies that hire scissor lifts that think a week is Monday to Friday – and month is 4 x weeks. A week is 7 days – and a month changes from 28 days to 31 days depending…

Rough Terrain Scissor Lift Hire

Our rough scissor lift hire is popular with shed builders and other construction companies working on unprepared rogh ground.
They’re diesel powered and 4wd so will get you over muddy and uneven ground to where you need to work. Of course, you can get them bogged – and we will charge you for extracting. They’re Rough Terrain scissor lifts – not bog proof scissor lifts.
They have a platform height of 8.3 metres – so no, we don’t advertise them 10.3 metre scissor lift hire like many hire companies do. But then again, we feel being fair and telling you of all the up front charges for the cost of a scissor makes it easier for everyone.

Buy or Hire a scissor Lift?

There’s plenty of people who think the should buy rather than rent a scissor lift – and if you have guaranteed work for the long term, you probably should.
But remember, a scissor lift goes up in the air so you want it to be well maintained and legal by having it’s quarterly and annual checks by a qualified person. Not a huge expense but something else to manage in amongst the day to day running of your business.
And they only last 10 years before they need a “10 year check” which is basically “pull them apart, check every bit and re build”. We did it on one machine a long time ago and have never done it since. If you’re buying a used scissor lift, check when it needs it’s 10 year re-build to ensure you don’t get caught with a scissor lift that gets you kicked off a site.
If you do want to buy one, we buy all ours scissor lifts and cherry pickers from Ahern who sell the Snorkel brand of scissor lift. More info here…