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Concrete Grinder Hire

How Hard is it to use a concrete floor grinder / polisher?

Our concrete floor grinders have been chosen to make it easy to get a great result for both DIY and Trade users.
More info on our concrete grinders and polishers: Click Here

Videos of the most popular units to help you choose

250mm Concrete Grinder and vacuum


Hand held diamond floor and wall grinder with vacuum.

What jobs can you do with a Concrete Floor Grinder?

One of our people – who had never done any floor grinding before – took a floor grinder home to clean up the floor in the garage of his new home. He came back raving about how easy the grinder was to use and how good the vacuum was for dust removal.

What about Concrete Polisher Hire?

It’s often a different name for the same thing. But if you’re after a polisher with a lambswool head to clean and polish concrete – this isn’t it.
By starting with a coarse white disk and then using a fine grit yellow disk you can achieve a polished finish ready for applying epoxy which can be then polished further – or just leave as is. It’s a bit like using sandpaper on timber – start with the rough paper and finish with the smooth.

Exposed Aggregate?

Yes, our concrete grinder hire will expose the aggregate (stones) embedded in the concrete and give a smooth finish with the fine disk. Of course, it depends what is in the concrete as to how the finished job looks.

What about removing large amounts of concrete?

No – these are surface grinders polishers that will smooth and polish concrete as well as remove lips in footpaths or high points in concrete. If you need to grind a huge area down by (say) 25mm this is the wrong machine. You need a Concrete Planer – and unfortunately we’re unable to help with that.

Will our concrete grinder get right to the wall?

Yes – we provide an attachment that will allow the concrete grinder to right to the wall. Of course it’s included in the hire rate – just remember to bring it back or we’ll charge for a replacement.
concrete grinder egder

What Diamond Grinder Head do we supply?

We hire a range of diamond heads for aggressive grinding, polishing of old concrete and removing one or two coats of paint.
A more detailed list of what grinding heads we have and what they’re for: click here…

And do they really work?

We’ve been hiring concrete grinder polishers for many years for jobs like:
** exposed aggregate in lounge rooms of new homes where the concrete was laid especially for polished exposed aggregate
** cafes grinding concrete to expose “whatever was under the concrete” and they achieved a result they were very happy with.
** grinding down lips and trip hazards on footpaths.
** grinding rain damaged, newly laid slabs as well as removing swirl marks from trowels on jobs that just didn’t go to plan.
** removing a few layers of paint – eg painted lines. (Note, thick or “rubberised” paint we’re unable to help with as the job becomes very specialised depending on what the substance is.)

Every week and weekend we have many happy hirers – but remember, if you’re expecting to get a floor grinding job the professionals quoted you $5,000 to do and you’re not so handy at DIY, there’s a good chance you’ll be disappointed.

Which Diamond Grinding Head?

Choosing the correct Diamond Disk will give you a better job – and reduce the risk or excess diamond use charges.

Excessive wear doesn’t mean a poor quality disk; just the wrong disk for the concrete.

If a disk is wearing too quickly on “old” concrete – the concrete may be “soft” and require a disk for New/Soft concrete.

“Green Concrete” – ie “new concrete” less than 3 months old – will destroy a standard Diamond Disk and incur a fee up to $440.00.

Removing lots of concrete?

Our grinders are not the right machines. They’re “surface grinders” that will smooth concrete and remove small lips and and high points from concrete – but they aren’t aggressive concrete removal tools.

What grinding jobs aren’t our grinders suitable for?

Grinding “Exposed Aggregate”?

Exposed aggregate sitting above the concrete?
Sorry – we’re unable to help. Our diamond heads might work – but probably not and you’ll just damage the head and we’ll need to charge for the damaged diamond.

Burnished Concrete

This is most common in warehouses and involves treatment of the concrete with chemicals and heat to make it incredibly hard.
Grinding burnished concrete is best tackled by a contractor – and none of our equipment is capable of grinding this concrete.

Please note excess diamond use charges on product pages.

Diamond Disk Range

General Purpose

This is the disk that suits 95% of our customers.
Leaves swirl marks but very effective for:
* removing lips in foot paths
* the first grind to expose aggregate for polished concrete
* other semi-aggressive grinding.
250mm – White 30 grit

Fine Grinding

Use to smooth out the scratches from heavier grade diamond head.
* Minimal grinding ability – kind of like a very fine sandpaper, it’s only used for smoothing out previous grinds.
250mm – Yellow 150 grit

New Concrete

Use for NEW concrete as standard diamond disks will be destroyed by new concrete.
New concrete can be anything up to 3 months old… (or even older).
250mm – Blue 30 grit

Paint Removal

One or two layers of paint.
If you’ve thick layers of multiple coats of paint or thick “rubberised” floor coating we’re unable to help as the job is very specialised.
250mm – White 30 grit

Note: if paint is too thick it can melt and gum up the diamond. If this happens, run the head quickly over some rough concrete or asphalt to re-expose the diamond.

Aggressive Grinding

For aggressive grinding and removal of more concrete.
(Note: This disk wears quickly and excess wear charges WILL apply – it’s the nature of the disk.)
250mm – Black 16 grit

Note: if you’re hoping to remove lots of concrete, our grinders are not the right machines. They’re “surface grinders” that will smooth concrete and remove small lips and and high points from concrete – but they aren’t aggressive concrete removal tools.