Concrete Grinder Hire

Which Concrete Grinder Hire should I use?

What diamond grinding head should I use for my job?

General Purpose

- Leaves swirl marks but very effective in removing lips in foot paths and other semi-aggressive grinding.
200mm - Grey 25 grit
250mm - White 30 grit

Fine Grinding

- Use to smooth out the scratches from heavier grade diamond head.
- Maximum grinding depth: <1.5mm. Only use for smoothing out
200mm - Yellow 120 grit
250mm - Yellow 150 grit

New Concrete

- Use for new concrete as standard diamond disks will be destroyed by new concrete. New concrete can be anything up to 3 months old.
200mm - Black 30 grit
250mm - Blue 30 grit

Paint / Coating Removal

- One or two layers of paint.
200mm - Grey
250mm - White

If you've thick layers of multiple coats of paint or thick "rubberised" floor coating we're unable to help as the job is very specialised.

Aggressive Grinding

- For aggressive grinding and removal of more concrete.
(Note: This disk wears quickly and excess wear charges will apply)
200mm - Green
250mm - Black

Videos of the most popular units to help you choose

250mm Concrete Grinder and vacuum


Hand held 180mm diamond grinder and vacuum.

Our concrete grinder hire smooths rough and uneven concrete, creates a polished concrete look and preparation of terrazzo floors. We hire a range of diamond heads for aggressive grinding, polishing of old concrete and removing paint.