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Rotary Hoe Hire

Why hire a Rotary Hoe from Better Rentals?

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We only stock one type of Rotary Hoe. The Best.

Rotary Hoe Hire Rates

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Free Fuel & Trailer

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What’s the Rotary Hoe hire price?

Our hire rate includes a tank of fuel, trailer and cleaning.
Strong, 16 horsepower motor and hydraulics will break up the hardest of soil for a great lawn or garden.
Same Day Hire Rate – this is the hire cost when you collect and return on the same day (7.00am – 5.00pm) – or over night (4.30pm – 7.30 am next day).
24 Hour rate – the rate for 24 hours.
Weekend Rate – the hire rate where the Rotary Hoe is collected on Saturday morning and returned by 7.30 am Monday.

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Watch how easy our Rotary Hoe is to use.

So, why hire a Rotary Hoe from Better Rentals?

Better Rentals’ Rotary Hoe Hire is chosen to help you get your job done quickly and efficiently.

Hydraulic rotary hoe means there’s no belts or chains to break. We both have better things to do.
They’re heavy – so they don’t skip across the ground and use your arms as a brake like a smaller rotary hoe.
They go forward and backwards all by themselves – so they don’t get stuck in corners and then expect you to drag them out like other rotary hoes.
Hint: If the ground is really hard, set the rotors fast forward and the drive stopped.
Let the rotors dig down to the desired depth then the drive forward, but slow enough to give the rotors time to cut.

Save your back and do your rotary hoe job quicker and easier with a Hydraulic Rotary Hoe.

“But I only need small rotary hoe hire”

Yes, a small one will probably do the job if all you’re doing is a flower bed or small vegie garden which is soft. But you could do that with a shovel too – but why would you?

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And what do our customers say about our Rotary Hoe Hire?

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