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Post Hole Digger Hire

What type of Post Hole Digger Hire are you looking for?


Why hire a Post Hole Digger from Better Rentals?

  • Our Post Hole Digger Hire Rates are all Inclusive. No added extras. EVER. We include everything you could need to complete your job.
  • Damage Waiver – reasonable conditions apply – and GST included in the cost of the hire.
  • Auger: We include an auger in the hire rate. (Extras available at extra charge).
  • Fuel: A tank of fuel is included on the small hand held post hole diggers.

“Service was great, equipment was perfect. Great shop!…”
Sam Verghese. Mt Martha.

What happens if the Post Hole Digger breaks down?
We’re always open if you require Emergency Service – 24/7. Most “problems” are quick fixes covered in the “How To” guide on the Post Hole Digger. If these don’t work – just call and a real live person will help with info over the phone or deliver a changeover unit (of course there’s no cost to you) if that’s what is required.

Choose the right Post Hole Digger or for your job.
We have a few different sized dingo type Post Hole Diggers. Have a look at specifications below to help select the right Post Hole Digger. It doesn’t matter if you’re building a retaining wall, putting in posts for a fence or even for a winery, we have a post hole digger suitable. We’ve a post hole borer to suit every job and every budget.

What size post hole digger should I hire?

1 PERSON MINI Soft ground for tree planting 150mm 500mm No
1 PERSON HYDRAULIC Up to 20 holes on softish ground 350mm 1 metre Yes
DINGO HIRE / KANGA MINI LOADER Lots of holes – hard ground 450mm 2 metres* Yes
1 & 1.5 TONNE EXCAVATOR Lots of holes – hard ground 600mm 2 metres* Yes
3 TONNE EXCAVATOR Lots of holes – hard ground 600mm 2 metres* No
5 tonne Lots of holes – hard ground 600mm 2 metres* No

* We have extensions to go down 2 metres but they require the auger to be removed from the post hole digger for each hole. If you need the extra depth – hire an excavator post hole digger, fit the auger and extension and sit and let the machine do all the work.

Choosing an auger for the post hole digger

The auger should bigger than the posts so you can ram the soil back in. Or, a size smaller so you can hit the posts in for a snug fit. An auger which is “just right” will see the posts wobble after a short period and you’ll be grumpy with us.

What about a 2 person post hole digger?

Due to these being the style of post hole digger that everyone thinks of, it’s what everyone asks for..
But, the good units from Stihl are no longer available because we reckon someone at Stihl hired one and realised how horrible they were to use. They buck and kick and any of our staff who have used on never use one a second time.
So, we reccomend one of the hydraulic one man wheeled post hole diggers. Or even better, a drivable mini loader unit that’ll cost you a bit more but get the job done much quicker and mean you won’t have a sore back the next day.