Plate Compactor Hire

What Size Compaction Plate Hire Do You need?

Wacker Hire, Vibe Plate Hire, Compaction Plate Hire - there are lots of different names for these units.

Most Popular: 76kg compaction plate hire

This is the most popular unit with our landscaper and contractor customers.

And everyone gets Trade Rates at Better Rentals...

Why Hire the 52kg compaction plate?

It's easier to transport because it's lighter. But it takes a little longer to get the same compaction as the 76kg unit - because it's lighter .

So which one?

Doesn't really matter - they're the same price. One is quicker to get compaction - but heavier to move around. The other is easier to move - but takes a little longer.

Remember - the fuel in the tank, cleaning and a set of ear plugs are free when you hire from Better Rentals.

Why Hire a Compaction Plate From Better Rentals?

Since 1986 we’ve been hiring equipment. It’s all we do. So we work hard to give you the best machine for the job – and the best service.

The Petrol in the tank is free

No need to find fuel before returning

No Cleaning Fees

Just return it - and we'll wash for free

We help you load an unload

No need to work out how to get it into your trailer parked in the car park

Wacker Hire? Wacka Packa Hire? Wacker Packer Hire? What's the difference?

Wacker is a German Company that, if they didn’t invent the Vibrating Plate, they were the first to manufacture a reliable unit that helped compact road base for paving – and roads.

Nearly all of the compaction plates we hire are manufactured by Wacker. We’ve tried some other brands over the years but keep coming back to Wacker. They’re no longer made in Australia – but what is these days – but we’ve never had any quality issues with a vibrating plate manufactured by them.

Some of our bigger 300kg reversible units are made by other companies  – but the small units are something we can say are a “wacker plate”.

And so, a “wacker” – while a trademark – is a commonly used term for a Vibrating Compactor Plate. Which means if someone tells you to get a wacker packer to help with your paving job – something from this page is exactly what they’re referring to.