Vacuum Cleaner Hire - Wet and Dry

Hire an industrial vacuum for jobs where the vacuum you use for your hallway just isn’t going to be big enough. Water spills, lots of dust, our vacuum hire will do it all.

Why Hire a vacuum from Better Rentals?

Not all vacuum cleaner hire around is created equal.

The vacuums we hire are high quality units manufactured in Germany.

They’ve all sorts of technical features that make them “really really good”.

And then we check them every hire with a pressure gauge that lets us know before you start your job if they’re sucking as hard as they’re supposed to.

We include a disposable vacuum bag in the hire rate which means you can throw away the stuff easily and cleanly.

Wet Vac Hire?

And if you need to use one as a wet vacuum, well you just take out the dust bag and use the special squeegee head we provide for sucking up water. When it’s full, it stops automagically so you don’t ruin the filters.

We also have special carpet heads for removing water from wet carpets. They’re just like you’d find on a carpet cleaner but don’t have the detergent sprayer on them so they do a great job of removing most of the water from wet carpet before you use a fan and dehumidifier to dry things out before they go mouldy.

Not sure if our vacuum hire can handle liquid? Have a look at this silly video.