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Pressure Washer Hire

Powerful pressure washer hire – and accessories to make your cleaning job simple.

Package Price - just $193.60 for full weekend.
** Pressure Cleaner - 17 litres a minute/3000psi
** Roto Nozzle for 4000psi pressure
** Regular Fan Nozzle
** Whirlaway Rotary Driveway Cleaner for easy cleaning of driveways and tennis courts

Why Hire a Pressure Cleaner from us?

We Love To Help.

We recommend the right pressure cleaner – not the most expensive.

All Inclusive Hire Rates

Right Here Online – with no added extras. Ever.

Cold Pressure Cleaner

They have a gauge so you know they have lots of pressure.

What we include in the pressure cleaner hire rate…

Cold 3000psi Pressure Washer

* Garden Hose to get the water from the tap to the water blaster.
* Fan nozzle for regular cleaning (won’t damage new concrete).
* Roto Nozzle – increases effective pressure to 4000psi.
* Free tank of fuel included with your hire.
* Damage Waiver – reasonable conditions apply.
* GST (of course)
* And a free rotary driveway cleaner for cleaning, well, driveways

We’re easy to deal with…

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what a real live customer said about us.

“I have always found Better Rentals good to deal with, competitive prices, well maintained equipment that is suited to the job, and convenient hours. The staff are helpful & informative about the products and the service is efficient.”

Kevin Mankey. Mt Eliza.

Why we don’t have a 4000psi Pressure Cleaner for Hire…

Pressure washers are dangerous if not used correctly (don’t point at a person or animal at all – high pressure washers can damage the skin and not only eyes and ears) and so there are rules and regulations about using a 4000psi pressure cleaner – particularly on job sites.

So – we offer a Roto Nozzle which increase the cleaning ability of the pressure washer to the same as a 4000psi – but without the same “actual” pressure.

It isn’t just “getting past the rules” on a technicality – it really is lower pressure and so is safer.

What do I need to transport the pressure cleaner?

You’ll need a ute or trailer. They’re large commercial machines designed to do a great pressure cleaning job.
And they weigh 75kg so while we can help load the pressure cleaner onto the bacl of your ute, it’s easuer to use a traier with ramps that you can wheel the blaster down without breaking yourself.

What Safety Equipment?

Eye and hearing protection; They’re loud, and mud and other debris can blow back at you from the water pressure so keep yourself safe by using the correct safety gear.

Why should I care about how many litres of water the pressure washer uses?

Because it’s the amount of water that’s more important than the pressure.
Lots of water at low pressure will clean quicker than a little bit of water at high pressure.
For example, a “water canon” for cleaning huge pieces of earth moving equipment will have a relatively low pressure – say 100psi – but put out huge volumes of water.
These small units compensate for their low water usage (there’s only so much water that will come out of a tap) with higher pressure.
So, when comparing pressure washers, it’s important to know a 4,000 psi pressure cleaner with 10 litres per minute isn’t going to do the same job as a 17 litre at 3,000psi unit.

What our Weekend Package includes for just $193.60

Pressure Cleaner

17 litres of output per minute
3000 psi - strong but safe

Roto Nozzle

Increases pressure to effective 4000psi

10 metres of hose

Plenty for all but the biggest of jobs

Rotary Driveway Cleaner

450mm wide walk behind cleaner for great results on driveways or tennis courts.

What our Weekend Package includes for just $193.60