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Pressure Washer Hire

Powerful pressure washer hire – and accessories to make your cleaning job simple.

Why Hire a Pressure Cleaner from us?

We Love To Help.

We recommend the right pressure cleaner – not the most expensive.

All Inclusive Hire Rates

Right Here Online – with no added extras. Ever.

Cold Pressure Cleaner

They have a gauge so you know they have lots of pressure.

Hot washer

Diesel powered hot wash for cleaning grease and oil.

What we include in the pressure cleaner hire rate…

Cold 3000psi Pressure Washer

* Garden Hose to get the water from the tap to the water blaster.
* 30m of high pressure hose so you don’t need to drag the machine around.
* Fan nozzle for regular cleaning (won’t damage new concrete).
* Roto Nozzle – increases effective pressure to 4000psi.
* Free tank of fuel included with your hire.
* Damage Waiver – reasonable conditions apply.
* GST (of course)

We’re easy to deal with…

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what a real live customer said about us.

“I have always found Better Rentals good to deal with, competitive prices, well maintained equipment that is suited to the job, and convenient hours. The staff are helpful & informative about the products and the service is efficient.”

Kevin Mankey. Mt Eliza.

Why we don’t have a 4000psi Pressure Cleaner for Hire…

Pressure washers are dangerous if not used correctly (don’t point at a person or animal at all – high pressure washers can damage the skin and not only eyes and ears) and so there are rules and regulations about using a 4000psi pressure cleaner – particularly on job sites.

So – we offer a Roto Nozzle which increase the cleaning ability of the pressure washer to the same as a 4000psi – but without the same “actual” pressure.

It isn’t just “getting past the rules” on a technicality – it really is lower pressure and so is safer.