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Jack Hammer Hire

What do you want to do with the jack hammer?

Why hire a jack hammer from Better Rentals?

We Love To Help.

We recommend the right jack hammer – not the most expensive.

All Inclusive Rates

Our jack hammer hire rates are fair to you. And us. With no added extras. Ever.

Free point and chisel.

A jack hammer isn’t much good without these – so why charge extra?

An extensive range of jack hammer hire for all concrete removal jobs.

  • Our Jack Hammers are chosen to help you get your job done quickly, efficiently and with a minimum of fuss.
  • Great quality brands – Atlas Copco, Hilti and Bosch from Europe – that meet and exceed vibration laws as well as break up concrete that someone put in the wrong place.
  • We include a point and chisel in the hire rate. How this can be an “extra charge” we don’t know as how else are you going to get the job done without them?
  • Our range of jack hammer hire covers equipment for the smallest job up to a 5 tonne excavator and 200kg breaker.

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The Rolls Royce of Jack Hammer Hire

The Rolls Royce of jackhammers!.
Not the words we’d use as whoever owns Rolls Royce probably has a trade mark on that term.
And it’s only the quality we’re referring to – not the price.
We’re quoting the guy who hired a jack hammer the other day – and returned it much quicker than he expected.

He raved about how quickly the 30kg electric jack hammer completed the job.
And how smooth and easy it broke up the 150mm concrete he was removing.
Designed to comply with strict European laws, the energy goes into the concrete – not the operator.

The world has changed for breaking concrete.

Gone are the days when a towable diesel compressor and heavy and cumbersome air powered jack hammer was on every construction job.
A smooth and (relatively) quiet electric jackhammer plugged into a power point or small lightweight generator does the job.
Oh and of course, all our rates include a point and chisel. We’re not sure why they would be chargeable extras.
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