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Trencher Hire

150mm wide to 800mm deep trencher hire.

Wet Muddy Ground? Don't hire one of these!
You'll just waste your time and money.
Why? Because dragging a trencher through heavy wet ground requires lots of grip - and tyres and mud don't provide enough grip.
And it doesn't matter how much "tread" is on the tyres - sometimes there's just no overcoming physics.
Solution? Wait until the ground dries out - or hire a tracked unit.

Why hire a Trencher from us?

We Love To Help

We recommend the right trencher hire. NOT the most expensive.

All Inclusive Rates

All Inclusive Trencher Hire Rates with no added extras. Ever.

Emergency Service

Problem with your trencher? Call 24/7 and we’ll help.

Trenching Machine Hire
Since 1986 we’ve been hiring trenching machines. Funny old chain driven ditch witch machines they were back then with levers and pullies and chains that crunched and groaned as bounced across the paddocks and new estates of Cranbourne.
A few different trenching machines since then – complicated trencheroos were at least hydraulic – has seen us stick with the dingo trenching machine hire.
It’s a reliable unit that weighs enough to hold the machine down and drag the cutter through the toughest of ground.

Tracked Trenching Machine Hire
Or if your ground is a bit wet or you have turf you don’t want to damage, a tracked trenching machine will work.
Stand on the back of the self propelled machine and it’ll do a great job.