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Generator Hire

What size Generator Hire are you looking for?

Why call us for your Generator Hire?

We Love To Help

We recommend the right generator. NOT the most expensive. (No “Up Selling”).

Small Enough to Care

And big enough to help with your Generator Hire.

Silenced Diesel Generator Hire

Small, quiet inverter generators for running sensitive equipment like computers.

Emergency Service

Problem with any equipment hire? Call 24/7 and we’ll help.

Select the right size generator

2 KVA INVERTER Petrol 54dB 1950w 4 litres 6 hours 21kg 2 x single phase
4 KVA INVERTER Petrol 54dB 3000w 4 litres 6 hours 21kg x 2 2 x single phase
3 KVA Petrol 74dB 2640w 6 litres 4 hours 56kg 2 x single phase
6.5 KVA INVERTER Petrol 52dB 6500w 17 litres 12.3 hours 115kg 2 x single phase
8 KVA Petrol 74dB 6400w 6 litres 3 hours 75kg 2 x single phase
9 KVA Petrol 74dB 7200w 25 litres 12 hours 120kg 2 x single phase
20 KVA Diesel 62dB 20kva Prime 115/150 litres 22 hours / 32 hours 1,000kg 2 x 3 phase & 9 x 240v
30 KVA Diesel 62dB @ 7m 30kva Prime 135 litres 22 hours 1,100kg 2 x 3 phase & 9 x 240v
60 KVA Diesel 62dB @ 7m 61kva Prime (Run) 135 litres 22 hours 1,100kg 2 x 3 phase & 9 x 240v

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what a real live customer said about us..
“A great lot people who helped at any stage of hire and prehire. Dropping off was effortless. Nothing to hard…” Keith Dobbyn. Narre Warren.
Our Generator Hire Rate is all Inclusive.
We Include everything you could need to complete your job. No added extras. EVER.

Damage Waiver – reasonable conditions apply – and GST included.

Tank of fuel – Well, just on a small generator with 6 litre tanks – a silenced 3 phase generator and “run all day” single phase unit we charge for as the fuel cost could be greater than the hire rate.

Distribution Board– That’s a board with normal power points for use on the large 3 phase generator. In layman’s terms – you plug the large 3 phase plug into the generator and you then plug your equipment with a normal power plug into the normal power points on the board.

Hours – We include 8 hours per day/weekend, 40 hours per week and 160 hours per month in the hire rate. Extra hours are chargeable at $13.20.
Yes, we know, this could be called an “extra” but we’ll justify it by saying “at least we’re notifying you now not when you’re standing at the hire counter to collect your generator”. And of course it’s only the large 3 phase silenced generators with hour metres. Our smaller generators don’t have hour metres so we’d have no idea how many hours you use them.

Free Trailer : That’s on the larger 3 phase silenced diesel generators. Small generators – sorry, you’ll need to bring your own.

What happens if the Generator breaks down? We’re always open if you require Emergency Service – 24/7. Most “problems” are quick fixes covered in the “How To” guide on the Generator. If these don’t work – just call and a real live person will help with info over the phone or deliver a changeover unit (of course there’s no cost to you) if that’s what is required..

What type of Customers hire a generator from Better Rentals? Powering Building Sites; We help builders and developers who require a generator for a number of months to power a building site while they wait for electricity to be connected. This may consist of a smaller petrol generator they leave in their trailer and transport to site each day through to multiple 20kva silenced diesel generators scattered about a large development.

Electricity for a Fete; Every weekend our generators are on hire helping Schools and local events make a success of their day.

Parties and Functions; Our silenced 3 phase generators are a favourite of local Party Hire providers. They’re silenced and reliable with large fuel tanks (the generator, not the Party Hire people) and have helped power many memorable parties.

Generators for the MCG; Sorry – out of our league. There are others who specialise in this sort of generator hire. Our small size and attention to our customers means we promise when you hire a generator from Better Rentals the success of your hire – whether it’s a long term building site or a one night party – will be the most important thing in our day.