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  • Fuelthe fuel in the tank is free.
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  • Extension Lead15m lead charged at $11.00 per day/week if required.

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Hire a small quiet generator from Better Rentals for all those times you need quiet portable power.

Only use outdoors – carbon monoxide kills.

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This generator is not fitted with an external safety switch (RCD) as per AS3012 requirement for commercial construction sites and so is not legal for this type of workplace. It is legal – and safe – for all other uses and workplaces.


Trouble Shooting?

Generator starts, runs for a few minutes and stops.

The fuel cap has an “on” and “off” switch – turn it to on to let air into the fuel tank (and so petrol out to the motor.)
Are you overloading the generator? This will cause it to stop. (max 2000 watt starting and 1600 watt running)
Is the oil low / oil light coming on?: If the generator is on uneven ground the oil may move away from the sensor and cause the motor to cut out.


  • Voltage Stability – +/- 1% (better than mains power)
  • Light weight – 21kg
  • Max watts – 2000 (ie starting watts)
  • Rated Output – 1600 watts (running watts)
  • Noise Level – 52db – about the same as a typical office.
  • Fuel Tank – 4.1 litres up to 6 hours
  • Plugs – 10amp or 15amp. Not both.
  • Perfect for Computers and other items with sensitive power requirements.

FOR YOUR SAFETY:Do Not use indoors or in a confined space. Carbon Monoxide can kill.

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