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  • All Safety Equipment ...and PRA paperwork
  • Damage Waiver ExclusionsAll damage caused by dropped objects (eg tree limbs) chargeable.
  • TransportNot included. Get a quote below.

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Cherry Pickers are great for removing trees…

BUT – all damage to the legs/outriggers is chargeable. And any repair isn’t cheap.
So, be really really careful.
Or, be really really careful – and hire a pole saw to give you extra reach beyond the legs.
Specs and rates of our pole saw hire here.
cherry picker safety - use a pole saw

We help lots of people every week who have never used a cherry picker.
While they aren’t “toys”, properly used they are safer than a ladder for most jobs.
We provide you with a “How To” guide that is much better than us trying to show you all the things you need to know – and forgetting most of them before you get to the job.

Safety is our Priority – and it should be yours.
* Power Lines – our cherry pickers aren’t insulated and MUST NOT be used within 6.4m of street power lines. (Spotters can be used for distances from 3m to 6.4m). Further distances required for electrical towers.

cherry picker power line safety

* Soft Ground – proper set up requires “firm and stable” ground. If a leg sinks into muddy or soft ground, at best the machine will stop working, at worst it’ll tip over.

The best advice we can give is:
When you get to site, before you start the job, make a cup of tea, sit down and read the How To Guide… Reading instructions while relaxing after the job is finished is OK for your new toaster. It’s not OK for a cherry picker.

And if you can’t work out why something’s not working – the most common issues are covered in the “How To Guide”. And if that doesn’t work, give us a call – even after hours – and we’ll help.


Snorkel MHP13AT – electric powered for quiet use with petrol backup.

Download a Cherry Picker Spec Sheet

  • 540 degree rotation
  • Basket tilts for better access.
  • Power to basket
  • Work Height 12.5m
  • Max Platform Height 10.9m
  • Max Outreach (Platform) 5.9m
  • Max Outreach (work) 6.4m
  • Platform Height at Max Outreach 5m
  • Base width (legs out) 4.2m
  • Base width (travel) 1.6m
  • Safe Work Load 215kg
  • Travel Height 2.0m
  • Travel width 1.6m
  • Weight 1,465 kg

Download a Cherry Picker Spec Sheet

Note- Damage waiver does not include damage to legs from dropped items (tree limbs etc).

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