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Transport – The Fine Print

Delivery Guarantee:

* On time and complete or delivery is free.
* No ifs or buts. Well, just one; you need to give us the correct address…

What Time?

Transport times and charges are based on delivery vehicles leaving our yard at our Opening Time and/or returning by Closing Time.
Should you need the equipment onsite or collected before or after these times delivery the day before (or pick up the next day) may suit better or we can arrange After Hours Transport with a surcharge which will depend upon times/day etc etc.

Public Holiday Surcharge

50% surcharge on any transport done on a Public Holiday will apply.
Yes – we agree, but please direct any complaints to your Member of Parliament.

Multiple Units?

* The price on the web is per item. Multiple units probably involve a bigger vehicle, or more trips, or stops us doing other deliveries after yours..
* Multiple small items of the same type (eg 10 acrow props) won’t be charged per unit but for the trip.


* We must be able to unload in a safe place. Everyone deserves a safe work environment – and to go home uninjured.
* We can’t help in set up or with moving items into place for use unless it’s pre-arranged and quoted.


* Equipment must be in a safe location accessible by the pickup vehicle – if not, we may not be able to complete the pickup.
* Equipment must be dismantled and stacked for easy pickup – ie pickup fee doesn’t include folding tarps, dismantling scaffold, rolling up pump hoses or wandering around a building site trying to find bits and pieces.
* Book a pickup by 12.00 noon. If you can’t book the pick up, ensure it’s safe over night. If not, we can pick it up but a surcharge of a MINIMUM of 100% of pick up fee will apply. (An after hours opening fee may also apply).
* If we can’t complete a pickup (and don’t worry, we will do our best) the equipment will stay on hire and we’ll have to charge for the failed pickup.

Cancelled Delivery

If you cancel a delivery
* after we have loaded and left our yard, we will charge for a pickup and delivery – but no hire charge.