Transport – The Fine Print

Delivery Guarantee:

* On time and complete (including any PRA paperwork etc) or delivery is free.
* No ifs or buts. Well, just one; you need to give us the correct address…

Public Holiday Surcharge

50% surcharge on any transport done on a Public Holiday will apply.
Yes – we agree, but please direct any complaints to your Member of Parliament.

Multiple Units?

* The price on the web is per item. Multiple units probably involve a bigger vehicle, or more trips, or stops us doing other deliveries after yours..
* Multiple small items of the same type (eg 10 acrow props) won’t be charged per unit but for the trip.


* We must be able to unload in a safe place. Everyone deserves a safe work environment – and to go home uninjured.
* We can’t help in set up or with moving items into place for use unless it’s pre-arranged and quoted.


* Equipment must be in a safe location accessible by the pickup vehicle – if not, we may not be able to complete the pickup.
* Equipment must be dismantled and stacked for easy pickup – ie pickup fee doesn’t include folding tarps, dismantling scaffold, rolling up pump hoses or wandering around a building site trying to find bits and pieces.
* Book a pickup by 12.00 noon. If you can’t book the pick up, ensure it’s safe over night. If not, we can pick it up but a surcharge of a MINIMUM of 100% of pick up fee will apply. (An after hours opening fee may also apply).
* If we can’t complete a pickup (and don’t worry, we will do our best) the equipment will stay on hire and we’ll have to charge for the failed pickup.

Cancelled Delivery

If you cancel a delivery
* after we have loaded and left our yard, we will charge for a pickup and delivery – but no hire charge.