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Sorry, we don’t hire floor sanders.


Well sanding a floor is a bit like painting a car…
We found people expected to get a professional job from a floor sander they’ve never used before – and it was always our fault when they couldn’t get a ballroom finish fit for The Queen.
You aren’t going to replace the $1,000 quote the professional gave you with an afternoon of your time and a $100.00 in hire and paper.
As one of our staff said who took home a sander when we used to hire them “Nothing a rug won’t fix”. He ended up getting his job covered with carpet.

Then there was the paper.

Every nail that wasn’t punched properly destroyed a sheet – so you’d feel cheated that it cost so much for the paper.
And if the paper was a bit loose it wouldn’t last very long – again you’d feel cheated.
And they’re heavy.
So they were usually dropped and damaged as they were taken out of the boot of the car. So no-one was happy.

Yes – they’re fine for lots of jobs.

Rain damaged chip board floors that need a little taken off before carpeting.
A floor that’s rough and you want to smooth out but don’t expect (or require) a fantastic finish.
So, if you’d like to hire a floor sander – Bunnings may still hire them. Or Mr Google will be able to help with another hire company.


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