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Tile Saw Hire

Our Tile Saw Hire is designed for Trade Users.
And first time DIY hirers tell us they’re easy to use – and productive.


5 star tile saw hire review

Why Hire a Tile Saw from Us?

All Inclusive Tile Saw Hire Rates

Right here on our website - no added extras.

Trade Rates for Everyone

Simple and easy to understand.

Low Hour Tile Saws and Cutters

We change the blades and cutting disks long before they've reached their use by date.

How to get the best value from your tile saw hire.

Straight cuts, bevels and mitres are easy to achieve when you hire tile saw from Better Rentals for both our DIY and trade customers.

Of course there’s a few hints that’ll help you achieve a better job.

The Blade is blunt!

No it’s not – well not unless the diamond has been totally worn away.
Using the wet tile saw without water means the diamond blade will “glaze” over as the compound holding the diamond heats up and then covers the diamond.
So, use water and keep the blade cool.

What can a tile saw cut?

Ceramic (to max 50mm thick)
Stone – Marble, Sandstone

Q. The blade is chipping the tiles?

Make sure the angle of the rail is set the same each end (and all bolts are tight)

And what isn’t it designed to cut?

Brick and Pavers – Greater than 50mm and you should use our brick saw hire. They’re bigger, more powerful and designed for the job.