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Stump Grinder Hire

Self Propelled, large Stump Grinder Hire.
Powerful, Easy to use self propelled stump grinders.


stump grinder hire


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We Love To Help

So we stock the best stump grinder available.

Emergency Service?

Problem with a hire machine? Call 24/7 and we’ll help.

Lots of Free Stuff

Free Trailer, Free Cleaning.

Why a Better Rentals Tracked Stump Grinder Hire?

Better Rental’s Stump Grinder Hire is chosen to help you get your job done quickly and efficiently.

Hydraulic Stump Grinder means there’s no belts or chains to break. We both have better things to do.
They’re heavy – 770kg – so the cutting head sits securely against the stump.
They drive all by themselves – so you’ll impress others with your smart choice of machine rather than how strong you are. And you won’t be sore the next day from pushing the manual stump grinder you hired around your yard.
Tungsten Teeth for quick stump removal.
Our Stump Grinder Hire Rates are All Inclusive and include a free trailer and cleaning.
Tracked Stump Grinder means you don’t damage your grass or surrounding areas. We have golf courses take these units for their tree stump removal jobs so they don’t damage their turf.
Save your back and do your stump grinding job quicker and easier with a Hydraulic Stump Grinder.

“But I only need to hire a small stump grinder”

There are smaller cheaper units around which are fine for one or two very small soft stumps. We used to hire these – but found all we did was drive around fixing burnt out belts as they really weren’t up to the job. This annoyed us – and our customers. So we removed them from our fleet.

Better Rentals Stump Grinder Hire – Mornington, Cranbourne, Pakenham and Ferntree Gully and our self propelled, “fit through a gate” hydraulic stump grinders are available at all our branches.

How difficult is a Stump Grinder to use?

Very Simple.

They’re easy to drive using the hand control.
Forward, back, left and right is all controlled with the single pistol control. Just start it in low revs so it doesn’t react too quuckly while your getting used to what happens and you – like the hundreds of other customers who have hired the stimp grinder – will have no problems.

To grind the stump – a few things to keep in mind but it’s simple too.

* Start at the edge (the “corner” of the side and top) and work down taking a few cm off with each pass.
* Don’t try and put the cutter into the middle of the stump – it won’t work.
* Let the machine cut – trying to grind too much of the stump with each pass just means the hydraulics get overloaded and you’ll need to wait for the engine revs to build back up.

Stump Grinder Hire – How To Video

Stump Grinder Safety

Hearing Protection:
Stump grinders are loud – and guaranteed to annoy the neighbours (which may be a good thing) – so ues hearing protection. We’ll give you a set of ear plugs. Two sets (that’s 4 ear plugs) if you ask nicely.

Eye Protection
Being able to see is important – so wear eye protection to keep your eyes safe.

Keep observers well clear – and everyone and everything well clear of the “business end” of the stump grinder.

How to Hire a Stump Grinder

We try and keep the process of hiring a stump grinder – or anything for that matter – as simple as possible for you and us.

1. Make a booking via our website or by calling. We do need a $100.00 deposit on weekends to confirm the stump grinder reservation.
2. When you collect the stump grinder you’ll need to bring the following:
* Victorian Drivers licence for ID
* Visa or Mastercard for payment of:
** The full hire charge
** An extra $100.00 security deposit which we’ll return when the stump grinder is returned on time with no damage.
3. A Vehicle rated to tow 1.5 tonne fitted with 50mm tow ball. We can deliver if you require.