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We don’t like it when a small quote ends up becoming a big invoice.

Damage Waiver gets added; or worse a “big item damage waiver” gets added onto the “regular” damage waiver. We include it in our quoted rate. Yes, there are always “reasonable conditions” to Damage Waiver – “keep it locked up” being one of the few.

“Extra Hours” get charged – without there being any indication in advance that this is going to happen. We charge extra hours usage on many items – but we tell you in advance on the website, on the phone and on your contract. So it’s hardly a surprise when it happens.

Fuel on small items – small petrol items with 5 litre fuel tanks we think should have the little bit of fuel you’ll use included in the hire rates. So we do.

Cleaning Fees – hire a machine that is designed to be used in the mud and dirt and it’s hardly surprising that it’s returned dirty. And you have a hose, broom and gutter for the muddy water so it takes forever – not to mention the water people getting annoyed with mud and oil in the storm water system.
We have water blasters, interceptors for the mud and oil and people who love to put on their hearing protection, fire up the water blaster and spend some time being “left alone” cleaning machines.
So we clean them for free.

Trailers – they’re included in the hire rate for anything big enough to need a trailer to transport it. A couple of exceptions here (concrete mixers being one) – but they’re all noted on the website and we discount the trailer to “not very much”.

What else?